No Talking Please!

This is a little poem inspired by the chatty person I once saw in a public bathroom. It’s happened more than once, so I decided to make a bit of a joke of it. You guys will appreciate this.

The urge it comes , you need to pee
To the bathroom you go with expediency
too proud to sit, we need to stand
So we prepare ourselves, junk in hand

There is a rule most men share
That when it’s out of our underwear
For the entire time, yes the duration
We do not engage in conversation

Eyes straight ahead, no looking, don’t gawk
When you are peeing, no time to talk
If we get distracted before the vein is drained
We might miss and our pants will get stained

But more importantly our pride is out
And I’ll tell you without a doubt
That when it’s exposed the LAST thing we seek
Is an opportunity to hear you speak

So remember when it’s time to shake the snake
Respect your urinal neighbour, for goodness sake
It’s not rude, mean or stuck up
Just please let me piss, and shut the fuck up!


About Anthony Arsenault

I was born on a cold October day in 1975. My love for words became apparent to my family at a young age, when I took to reading, and always had to have a book. This love for books continued on, and soon I was putting my own words to paper. I was always a fan of creative writing, and often impressed my grade school teachers with my fantastic stories. At the age of 15, I wrote a poem called "Abused" for a grade 9 poetry assignment. The power of the poem brought the administration of the school to class room with a barrage of questions. Four years later I entered a contest sponsored by the Canadian Chamber of Contemporary Poetry. Of thousands of contestants, i was in the top 200, and had my poem "Bob" published in their anthology “Scaling the Face of Reason". This was my first true accomplishment, and my first published work. Since then I have been writing, and Have had a few articles and a poem entitled " A Letter to my Unborn Child" published by Parents for Parents Magazine. I am still writing, and recently published my first e-book, The Common Man's Guide to Women as Told by the Common Man, and a book of poetry called "Words Flow Eternal"
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