Here’s your fine…. For Bullying?

Hello my true believing readers, and welcome to another episode of….  That is so Dumb! 
Ok, I take part of that back, the desire is true, and the heart was there, but I don’t think it was entirely thought through.  Let me explain. 
Coun. Linda Mosher said it’s time for the municipality to adopt an anti-bullying bylaw so police can issue tickets.  Issue tickets for bullying?  While I think her heart is in the right place, I don’t see how this would ever be a productive measure.  Bullying is a broad scope anyway, and this proposed fine will open it up even more. 
How do you prove it? Unless the Officer directly sees it, the “bullying” is open to interpretation.  Who’s to say that two kids would lie together to get a fine for some kid they just don’t like?  
Maybe they could lump it in with other bylaws that rarely get enforced, like helmets for skateboarders and cyclists.  Because we know how well these are enforced.  
She says that “Alberta and Saskatchewan currently have anti-bullying bylaws which can actually levy a fine to the allege [bully] or also someone witnessing it and I think it’s a great idea”.  A fine to someone who witnessed bullying?  Really?  So that leaves the “Witness” with two options.  Get involved and possibly get hurt, or get a ticket.  
Sorry, everyone, I’m struggling here.  I am failing to see where this has any merit or value.  She thinks fines will make bullies think twice….  I know many skateboarders (They will remain anonymous)who have gotten fines, and still skateboard without helmets. 
It still leaves the interpretation open, and it ultimately becomes an argument in court, and the best arguer wins. 
Personally I think that there should be less time spent on this, and more time on better, more realistic and beneficial anti-bullying initiatives.    


About Anthony Arsenault

I was born on a cold October day in 1975. My love for words became apparent to my family at a young age, when I took to reading, and always had to have a book. This love for books continued on, and soon I was putting my own words to paper. I was always a fan of creative writing, and often impressed my grade school teachers with my fantastic stories. At the age of 15, I wrote a poem called "Abused" for a grade 9 poetry assignment. The power of the poem brought the administration of the school to class room with a barrage of questions. Four years later I entered a contest sponsored by the Canadian Chamber of Contemporary Poetry. Of thousands of contestants, i was in the top 200, and had my poem "Bob" published in their anthology “Scaling the Face of Reason". This was my first true accomplishment, and my first published work. Since then I have been writing, and Have had a few articles and a poem entitled " A Letter to my Unborn Child" published by Parents for Parents Magazine. I am still writing, and recently published my first e-book, The Common Man's Guide to Women as Told by the Common Man, and a book of poetry called "Words Flow Eternal"
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