EasyTax…. Maybe, Getting a mistake looked at and fixed…. Not so Easy.

Hello True believers. Here I am once again, with yet another trouble. (Big surprise right?)

Well let me tell you the story.

Last year In March I had my taxes done at Money Mart via thier EasyTax program. They claim to be no different than H&R Block, and have a “dedicated” (yes I made the quotes gesture as i typed) tax team. I have had my taxes done by them for many years, with seemingly no problems.

Until Now.

I recently received a letter from CRA indicating that I did not claim my RRSP income for the 2012 tax year, and as a result was reassessed. They have indicated that since this is the 2nd time in 3 calendar years that this happened there was also a fine attached. All said I done, I now owe CRA 1400.00. I said… WHHHAAAATTTT??? I knew I provided them with the forms. So i reached out the Money Mart branch, and sure enough, they provided me with the copies of what I submitted, and sure enough, I did provide that.

So I reached out to The tax department of Money Mart, called Easy Tax. I submitted via Email first, on Feb 25. I got a reply on Feb 26, asking a good number to reach me at. I gave 2 numbers. So I was thinking this would go fine.

WRONG !!!!!

I replied, and got no response. I followed up 3 times, no response. I wait a few days. I call them. The lady on the phone tells me she will get in touch with who I was speaking with and they will call me. 2 more days pass. Nothing. So this brings us to Friday March 14. Almost 3 weeks from the start. I go into the Branch and speak with the Manager. He assures me he will contact the Regional Manager of Easy Tax, as she should be the one to address the issue.

Can you guess what comes next?

Here we are, Tuesday the 18th and still nothing. My “debt” to CRA is growing daily interest, and I have had no response from Easy Tax. I will continue to persue, but I wanted to caution, no…. INSIST that any of you reading this, do not go to Money Mart to do your Taxes. Find an H&R block, the homeless guy on the corner, a circus monkey… anyrhing seems to be preferable to Easy Tax.

While I will continue to get a solution, I can assure you that I will NEVER go there again for this service.

Stay Vigilant True Believers!


About Anthony Arsenault

I was born on a cold October day in 1975. My love for words became apparent to my family at a young age, when I took to reading, and always had to have a book. This love for books continued on, and soon I was putting my own words to paper. I was always a fan of creative writing, and often impressed my grade school teachers with my fantastic stories. At the age of 15, I wrote a poem called "Abused" for a grade 9 poetry assignment. The power of the poem brought the administration of the school to class room with a barrage of questions. Four years later I entered a contest sponsored by the Canadian Chamber of Contemporary Poetry. Of thousands of contestants, i was in the top 200, and had my poem "Bob" published in their anthology “Scaling the Face of Reason". This was my first true accomplishment, and my first published work. Since then I have been writing, and Have had a few articles and a poem entitled " A Letter to my Unborn Child" published by Parents for Parents Magazine. I am still writing, and recently published my first e-book, The Common Man's Guide to Women as Told by the Common Man, and a book of poetry called "Words Flow Eternal"
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