No Dodge-ing the bad Customer Service

So do many of you have issues with your Dodge vehicles?  I bet it doesn’t top my friend’s issue.

Recently he took his Dodge Calibre into a local Dodge dealer for a routine Safety Inspection and oil change.  The car is 7 years old, and has less than 70,000 KM.  Within a few hours they contacted him, and advised that his front and rear cross members were rusted out completely.  This is an amazing thing, since they are metal, and should not rust out in 7 years.  The car is a 2007.  There are cars 20+ years old on the road that do not have rusted crossmembers.  This is an obvious defect.  Well it seems the Crossmember is not the only defect.  The level of customer service for Dodge/Chrysler is also defective.

Here is a pic of the crossmember

So the crossmember is defective.  The Dodge dealer quoted a price to fix it, and also cited that any collateral damage as part of replacing the crosssmember would be his to pay, not the dealership.  Wait…..So they are saying if we break it, then you pay for it?  ARE YOU F’N kidding me?  That in itself would make me lose my mind, but my friend pressed on, keeping his wits about him.

Next there was an unsolicited (by him but was by the dealer) offer from Chrsyler corporate, to cover a portion of the cost of the crossmember only.   REALLY?  REALLY?

Let’s be realistic here. A crossmember should almost never rust out, and certainly not in 7 years, and less than 70,000 KM.  This is an obvious defect.  They should pay for all of it.  But it gets better.

So he is referred to the district manager, but no one can seem to give him the phone number.  He calls Chrysler Customer service, and they refuse to let him escalate the issue.  No one seems to want to get him where he needs to go.

They keep telling him that he would be responsible for any other damages that might be caused by replacing the crossmember.  They are like a broken record.

There are hundreds of sites that speak to other people that have had issues with the crossmember, but Dodge seems to ignore the fact that this seems to be an epidemic.

If the crossmember is faulty, and parts that are fine are damaged based on what the dealership does, it should not be the responsibility of the owner.

He has spent many hours on the phone, arguing with Dodge, and they have not, and seems won’t, step up to assist.

Dodge has had his car for 22 days now, and there has been no resolution.

So think twice before you buy that dodge vehicle.  It might end up biting you in the ass.    BIG TIME.

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Here’s your fine…. For Bullying?

Hello my true believing readers, and welcome to another episode of….  That is so Dumb! 
Ok, I take part of that back, the desire is true, and the heart was there, but I don’t think it was entirely thought through.  Let me explain. 
Coun. Linda Mosher said it’s time for the municipality to adopt an anti-bullying bylaw so police can issue tickets.  Issue tickets for bullying?  While I think her heart is in the right place, I don’t see how this would ever be a productive measure.  Bullying is a broad scope anyway, and this proposed fine will open it up even more. 
How do you prove it? Unless the Officer directly sees it, the “bullying” is open to interpretation.  Who’s to say that two kids would lie together to get a fine for some kid they just don’t like?  
Maybe they could lump it in with other bylaws that rarely get enforced, like helmets for skateboarders and cyclists.  Because we know how well these are enforced.  
She says that “Alberta and Saskatchewan currently have anti-bullying bylaws which can actually levy a fine to the allege [bully] or also someone witnessing it and I think it’s a great idea”.  A fine to someone who witnessed bullying?  Really?  So that leaves the “Witness” with two options.  Get involved and possibly get hurt, or get a ticket.  
Sorry, everyone, I’m struggling here.  I am failing to see where this has any merit or value.  She thinks fines will make bullies think twice….  I know many skateboarders (They will remain anonymous)who have gotten fines, and still skateboard without helmets. 
It still leaves the interpretation open, and it ultimately becomes an argument in court, and the best arguer wins. 
Personally I think that there should be less time spent on this, and more time on better, more realistic and beneficial anti-bullying initiatives.    

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No Talking Please!

This is a little poem inspired by the chatty person I once saw in a public bathroom. It’s happened more than once, so I decided to make a bit of a joke of it. You guys will appreciate this.

The urge it comes , you need to pee
To the bathroom you go with expediency
too proud to sit, we need to stand
So we prepare ourselves, junk in hand

There is a rule most men share
That when it’s out of our underwear
For the entire time, yes the duration
We do not engage in conversation

Eyes straight ahead, no looking, don’t gawk
When you are peeing, no time to talk
If we get distracted before the vein is drained
We might miss and our pants will get stained

But more importantly our pride is out
And I’ll tell you without a doubt
That when it’s exposed the LAST thing we seek
Is an opportunity to hear you speak

So remember when it’s time to shake the snake
Respect your urinal neighbour, for goodness sake
It’s not rude, mean or stuck up
Just please let me piss, and shut the fuck up!

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Please be A Thinker and Use Your Blinker!

We All hate traffic offenders.  Here is a little something to set them straight!

I know traffic sucks
It can be a real stinker
But would it really kill you
to just use your blinker ?

It’s a simple gesture
And an easy decision
that can make the difference
in avoiding that collision

it’s rather rude to assume
that I know what you are doing
don’t signal, and be sure
that my Lawyer and I will be suing

It’s a simple little switch
it just goes up and down
flick it with your finger
to avoid looking like a clown

so if you fail this task
and our cars become impacted
all the money you have in the bank
Will soon have to be extracted

so do us a both a favor
don’t ruin our day
Hit the switch to your left
and you won’t have to pay

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Malls Don’t Educate…. They SELL.

I have decided that we live in a world where people look for shit to complain about, and pass it off as offensive.

Enter the newest Mic Mac Mall campaign. It was a campaign geared towards back to school, and the primary demographic was young girls.  Well no surprise there.  Of course when it comes to back to school the young girls do the most shopping.  To not gear your campaign towards them would be ludicrous.  Want to know what else is ludicrous?

People calling the ads Sexist and Demeaning.  Here is a shot of the ad:

So let me remind you of a few things.  First, young girls like to shop.  The majority anyway.  SO the first panel, my favorite class? SHOP! It’s a pun and a play on words.  Clever actually.  But let’s be realistic.  Have you ever overheard a conversation between two girls about what they learned in school? Maybe, but I bet you’ve heard a lot of clothes and shopping discussions.  that is what they like.  It’s not sexist.  The guys talk about cars, and video games. Most girls like shopping and fashion.  There are exceptions of course, but ads like these aim towards the majority.

The Second panel:  Also very clever. I would hazard a guess, that if you go to school, and are a teenager, you have Facebook.  It is the social medium of this generation.  Also, i am quite sure that if a teenage girl bought a new outfit, boots, hat, whatever, and really liked it, they would post it on social media.

Third Panel:  There IS a science of mixing patterns.  It’s called FASHION. Are you idiot protesters saying that Fashion shouldn’t be considered as a science?  I wonder what all those people who go to school to study fashion would say about that?  

I watched a video with people’s comments, and it was tossed around that the mall was implying that girls were more interested in shopping than education, and the ad implies that girls cannot be smart. Well allow me to educate.

Now pay close attention you haters:  THEY ARE A MALL. THEY ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF SELLING. They have no social or moral obligation to promote the education of children.  That is the responsibility of the parents and schools.

I had a real laugh at a tweet that was mentioned “Hey @micmacmall! The 1950s called! They want their ads back!” wrote Twitter user Laurie Murray. First of all, Facebook didn’t exist in 1950.  Second, if you think this ad is antiquated, you need to look a bit better at the ad.  It’s far from it. Also, please endeavor to be a little more  creative in your tweets.

Mic Mac Mall has issued an apology and is giving a donation of 5000.00 to an organization.  I have an idea for the Organization.

Society for
Treatment of

This fund will go to make sure that all the idiots who complained about the ad, will get treatment and perhaps a semi-decent head on their shoulders.

To be honest, I am offended by the attack on Mic Mac Mall.  They are simply trying to run a business.  They don’t tell people how to run their lives, or raise their kids, so don’t tell the Mall how to run their business.  And if you don’t like the ad, then fine.  I bet they still shopped there after seeing the ad.  It’s not offensive, and ads will never always entice or please everyone.  the trick is to hit the highest demographic.  I’m no advertising genius, but I think they had it right.

I applaud Mic Mac Mall for their ad.  It was clever, funny and a play on words.  Well Done.

Can’t say I am pleased with the retraction….. Maybe I should start my own protest for that….

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Drivers ED 101

Today my blog is not controversial in the normal sense, but I will not be a very nice fellow. I think however, many of you will agree with me today.

Attention all you drivers out there. YES… This means you. There are some of you out there who seem to have forgotten some of the fundamental principles of operating a motor vehicle. Allow me to re-educate you.

Lesson 1: The Mirrors.

 Look to your left, then to your right. Then straight ahead and up jusssst a little. See those? Those things are called mirrors. You have these in your home, they are not new to you. They reflect whatever image is within your view. They are strategically placed on your vehicle so you can easily see around you without having to do too much effort. So why does it seems a colossal effort for you to use them? All you need is to shift your eyes!!! You’d be amazed how much you’ll see, and how less often you might be unwittingly attached to an oncoming vehicle in a collision sort of way. Trust me.

Lesson 2: Road Signs.

Ok, so I know you had to know these to pass the written test, but did you know that you need to remember these on an ongoing basis? Yeah! Crazy right?! Many drivers seem to have confused the Yield sign with a stop sign and vice versa. Just to clarify, you STOP at a stop sign, you merge at a yield. You are not to STOP at a yield sign, unless you want another car ensconced deeply in your trunk. Yields typically give you about 50 to 100 feet to merge into traffic. It’s much easier to merge, then stop and try to jump in. For those of you who seem to think a rolling stop is ok, section 133(1) of the Motor Vehicle act states failure to comply carries a fine of 169.91 for the first offence. Is that worth a 2 second savings on time?

Lesson 3: Speeders.

This one never ceases to amaze me. What the hell is the rush? I wonder if speeders know that the first offense when exceeding the posted limit by 1-15 KM/h is $227.41? Here is a little math for you. The distance on the 102 from Bayer’s Lake to Bedford is approx. 15KM. so at a rate of 100KM/hr would take approx. 9 minutes. If the speed was increased to 120 km/h the time would be 7.5 minutes. Sooooo if caught speeding during that time, as a first offense, the fine would break down to $151.60 per minute saved. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to be anywhere that fast, that it might cost me 151.60 per minute.

Lesson 4: Signal lights.

You may know these. They are initiated by a up and down lever on the left hand side of the steering column. These are meant to alert other drivers that you are changing lanes or turning. Other drivers need to know this, as you can speak to them and tell them. None of us have telepathy. If you do not alert the other drivers in due time, you might cause an accident. Of which will be your fault, and your insurance will go up by likely thousands. A bit much for a hand gesture you could do with 1 finger. Also the fine structure is the same as the Stop sign. First, second and third will nab you 169.91, 227.41, and 342.41 respectively. So use those signals people! The wallet you save might be your own.

Lesson 5: Parking.

I’ve seen people park in the worst of places, and in parking lots in places that had no visible lines to indicate parking, but what seemed like a good idea at the time. A note as well to all the parking offenders, a triangle on the outside of a parking spot is not an indication that you can park your SUV there. It is not a spot for cars. Basic rule is, if the vehicle doesn’t fit in the lines DON’T FUCKING PARK THERE! You are only making things more difficult for others. Is that how your mother taught you to behave?

Ok, I’m through venting for today. But MAN do I feel better!!!

Till next time peeps!

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Schools vs Hetero Parents. Film at 11

We interupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this special rant. 

Hello all.  Sooooo… my latest topic is a bit controversial, and I might say some things you might not like.  I want to preface this by saying I have nothing against the GLBT community.  That being said….. 

Ok. So Astral Drive Elementary School has decided, it what I’m sure they thought to be infinite wisdom, to dispense with the celebration of Mother’s and Father’s day, due to a complaint by a same sex couple in 2011. This has brought the president of the PTO to resign, and other parents to protest the loss of celebration of these two days.

My first question is, what are the same sex couple and the school thinking?
My second question, and more important…. Why is the same sex couple offended?

I’ll address question two first. Perhaps they are concerned that the child they have will feel left out of celebratory activities. Or perhaps they want to remove the distinction between the two parent types. Or perhaps it could just be an attempt to garner attention. I don’t really know. I had only 1 parent growing up, as did millions of others. Did our parents request that they dispense with the celebrations at school? Of course not. Why? Because it was not fair to those who could celebrate. Many kids had mothers and fathers, and of course they want to do something nice for them. As far as removing the distinction of “mother” and “father”, as long as there are same sex marriages, there will always be a mother and a father. These are roles that people are proud of, and should not be extinguished because a single couple or group of people disagree with it. The idea of not celebrating your parents, regardless of sex, is ludicrous.

Back to question one….. I can only imagine what they were thinking, but I would assume the same sex couple are feeling “left out”. Well we all get left out of things from time to time. We all can’t do everything.

As for the School, well they do what schools do best. Placate. Schools have to deal with so much cultural and family differences, that they simple comply with most requests made, as to not garner negative press or offend someone.

Well guess what? The PTO president is offended. The parents of the kids are offended, and I’m offended. Our society seems to have a predilection for making apparent minority groups happy at the expense of the majority group, and no one will say anything for fear the minority group will declare discrimination.

Discrimination is defined as the prejudicial and/or distinguishing treatment of an individual based on their actual or perceived membership in a certain group or category.

Well in this case, being Heterosexual is a group. We are being told WITH prejudice that the kids at the school cannot celebrate Father’s Day. Is this not discrimination? They are basically saying “because we are same sex, you cannot have your Heterosexual celebration”.

I have no issue with same sex partners, I know a few, and love them dearly. What I have a hard time with, is being made to disband or dispense with things just because it offends someone.

What really should have happened here is that the same sex parents should have explained the situation to the child, and come up with an alternative. Perhaps have the child do a card to his Grandmother n Mother’s day or Grandfather on father’s day. Don’t have the school effectively punish the rest of the kids and by extension the other parents. It is not a shame to be Heterosexual, or have a mother or father, so why ask the school to stop it?

I think all sexes, races, religions etc, should all respect each other’s beliefs. If we find something another group is doing offensive, then we don’t participate.

Ok, I’m done. Now back to your regularly scheduled program

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